Although I have always had an interest in spirituality I never imagined that my life would unfold in a manner that it did, and evolve into a place where spiritual life is my governing influence.

In my late twenties I began to experience a series of strange phenomena that called into question my understanding of reality. I began to see images of others peoples life journeys, as much as I tried to ignore this, or push it aside, the forces that began subtly took on force that I could not understand nor control. Simply put, the life I thought I was living began to quite unceremoniously fall apart.

I have since likened that part of my life to being the dough in the dough mixer. After many years of struggle I gave in to it, it took a long time for me to accept I had very little control over my life.

During this period I was introduced to a woman who guided me through all the changes I was experiencing and helped me come to terms with the new and utterly strange world I had found myself in. I began to see clients and I found myself not only being able to see where there lives might heading but I felt an incredibly strong urge to hold my hands over certain areas of the body. This was my introduction to the chakra system. It was soon apparent to me that others benefited from this sudden and strange turn my life took. Since then I have studied, researched and refined my skills and worked with each person that I meet professionally to help them understand the changes and challenges of their lives.

It has been at times frightening, constantly challenging, completely life changing and now utterly wonderful to be blessed with the gifts that I have. I am now devoted to continuing my own personal studies and developing my professional practice. I opened the Beehive not only to work in session with clients but to provide a space within the community where others could come and have questions answered if they found that their lives took a sudden, mysterious, spiritual turn.

Welcome, and if needed, I sincerely hope that this space can bring peace and guidance.