My aim, during what I call an ‘energetics session’, is to bring clarity and understanding to you about your path and what options are available for you to create the best outcome for yourself. All lasting change must be initiated by you however, your power of choice is one of the greatest personal powers you have.

Whilst working with you, I will see your energy body in my minds eye. Your chakras, meridians and auric fields. I will also sense your emotional body, that is, I will feel what you feel at times. Sadness, anger, varying desires.

As we sit and chat you may feel a whole range of sensations. Heat, dizziness, you may respond with tears. All of these sensations tell me that your energy field is releasing old emotional memory and psychic tension, which is great for you but it can be a bit odd.


The beginning of the session, when we first meet. It is at this stage that you may experience the different sensations that I mentioned, when I first see your energy body and it begins to animate. I can often receive a rush of images and sensations at this stage that I will jot down and discuss with you.


in this stage of the session I will discuss with you what I see and sense from your energy system as a whole. Perhaps your history, that is what you have already experienced and maybe holding onto, unresolved trauma, obstacles that maybe presenting, along with any opportunities.
Also in this stage grid lines, or lines of energy show themselves to me and I can see how your energy body relates to all the other energy systems in your life. Your relationships, both professional and personal.


What is required for you to grow. Its all very well to have a whole lot of new information but how are you going to apply it for the best results. At this point, we work with what you can do in practical terms to engage the opportunities presenting within and around you. Often integration is the very simple practice of awareness, forgiveness, and fostering the courage to initiate change.

It is a privilege to work with people in the manner in which I do and over the years I have been unfailingly astonished at what people can create in their lives with this process. Truth has a habit of working its way into peoples lives in such a way that it initiates irrevocable and revelatory change.