Beehive necklaces are designed to keep you connected to your inner world. Contempory life can be seductively distracting, there are so many demands on our attention. The Beehive creates simple necklaces with the intention to encourage connection with your inner life, to help maintain an inner balance.

The necklaces are designed to stimulate your meridian lines, or the energy highway of the body. They can bring calm and comfort or stimulate a sluggish system. Our initial collection covers the four elements. Earth, Fire, Water and Air which correlates with the elements of the 12 zodiac signs, so there is something to balance most systems.

The necklaces are packaged in prayer, to further the bridge to the divine within you, celebrate the mystics of old and deepen a relationship to what is sacred in life.

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  • Agate Necklace


    EARTH – Stabilising | Soothing | Slows the inner pace

    I have found these to be soothing in times of crisis, as they urge you to stabilise strong emotional impulses, and help create lasting solutions. Each stone is different so don’t expect an identical one to the image provided, they all have unique markings, reflective in a way of our own individual approaches in life.

  • Aquamarine Necklace


    WATER – Cleansing, soothing to the mind and emotional body

    Cleanse and communicate. The two key words of aquamarine. These stones are so supportive of and soothing to the emotional body of human beings there would be few people that wouldn’t benefit from it. Keeping your emotional body clear creates avenues for clear communication which is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship.

  • Chalcedony Necklace


    WATER – Calming | Soothing | Nourishing | Peaceful

    We call this “the hugger”. Chalcedony is just like wearing a hug, a cuddle bear. This stone is so nourishing it can be really useful for people recovering from cancer treatments, surgeries, and shocks from grief. Think of those people who are super sensitive to this world and chalcedony can help them anchor into there own inner peace, their own gentleness.

  • Emerald and Pink Sapphire Necklace


    WATER + FIRE – Heart opening | Cleansing | Strength

    This combo is about establishing a field of Grace. It asks that you know about yourself, and that you not only be accountable for that but take it out into the world. That you BE the person that you know you can be. It asks that you can establish and hold a field of Grace. A really dynamic combination in that it lifts you into a place you have been able to sense but not quite experience.

  • Fire Opal Necklace


    FIRE – Stimulating | Passionate | Creative

    These stones will wake up any stagnant energies and insist you move them on. Fire Opal initiates a dance of creativity, a push toward your passionate nature. It will want you to move into the song of your spirit, which can be a challenge if you feel disconnected from your spiritual nature. Fire Opal will insist that you dance with it. We keep the colour sequence as playful as possible, this means that each sequence is a little different to the image.

  • Herkimar Diamond Necklace


    AIR – Dreams and Visions | Clarity and Strength

    Time to dance your light on in!! These stones are enthusiastic change makers. Need support moving forward? Feeling stagnant; stuck yet restless. Then these little power houses of light will help you.

  • Moonstone Necklace


    AIR – Stones of Protection | Calming | Intuitive

    This string of moonstone calls to the woman in you. Healthy, whole, broken, confused, alarmed, or scared, moonstone just don’t care. These little stones will love the woman in you with such completeness you won’t really understand how much better you feel until you stop wearing them.

  • Onyx and Pink Sapphire Necklace


    EARTH + FIRE – Heart Opening | Grounding | Stabilising

    Onyx married with pink sapphire is going to ground you into your self and your sense of love. It will ask you to action your beliefs, be accountable to yourself. Combining the elements of earth and fire, this combo will want you to move into your integrity. If you want to go on a journey with it, ask yourself some meaningful questions about who you are, what integrity means to you then let this stone combo help you out by grounding you into your essence.

  • Onyx Necklace


    EARTH – Focus | Discipline | Logic | Grounding

    This is a grounding, focused stone that engages you to focus your mind and therefore achieve your goals whatever that maybe. Onyx will encourage you to stay involved in your own business and avoid getting drawn into the dramas of others. This stone will steady you and ground your energy system. In the process of helping you ground and focus it can bring to the surface any unresolved emotion. If this necklace speaks to you, then allow for the emotional shift it may initiate, and you will, in time, enjoy a more peaceful, settled experience of your life.

  • Pyrite Necklace


    EARTH – Vitality | Direction | Confidence

    It is a mighty little stone, Pyrite. It a very physical stone in that it helps to detoxify your system, so you might feel a bit yuck when you first start wearing it. It will cleanse you to reunite you with yourself. If this necklace chooses you, I can’t encourage you enough to cultivate some time to sit with it, go for a quite walk, to give yourself some time to see what comes up within you. it is well worth the effort.

  • Rose Quartz and Pink Sapphire Necklace


    WATER + FIRE – Heart Opening and Healing | Soothing

    As rose quartz opens and heals your heart the pink sapphire support and protects that journey. Perfect if you have a nervous relationship to vulnerability. I see the pink sapphire as a shield over your heart as the rose quartz edges it open with gentleness. A really lovely stone combination for self development into unveiling your deeper loving nature

  • Rose Quartz Necklace


    WATER – Emotional Healing | Soothing | Heart Healing

    The divine heart of rose quartz. What isn’t there to love about Rosie? I have such a love for it, I place it all through my home. Rose quartz is so gently soothing and supportive of the heart. Rose quartz not only soothes the heart, it will cleanse the heart of old emotional wounds in such a deeply gentle soothing manner you will find yourself smiling just because.

  • Spinel Necklace


    EARTH – Revitalising | Renewal | Depth

    Spinel gently opens inner doors asking you to engage your curiosity and discover what lays hidden within. What unexplored talents lay hidden within? What gifts are hiding behind closed doors. It can take you deeper into your psyche, opening you up to softer places, in doing so revitalising, and offering a renewal of spirit. It does this gently, and requires a quieter. peaceful, curious mind.

  • Turquoise Necklace


    AIR – Protection | Expansion | Awakening

    Knowingness. If spirituality is a path that becomes you then knowingness is going to be your gig. This necklace helps bring together parts of yourself you may otherwise neglect or dismiss. Curiosity leads to knowingness. Knowingness leads to wholeness and wholeness leads to self-acceptance. This necklace will support that journey, it will encourage that path.